Translation & Interpretation

How do you translate global opportunities into success? With our expert linguists, of course.

Translating your message into compelling communication in all languages

ALL ABOUT WORDS has been providing the highest quality translation and interpretation services for more than two decades. Our clients range from small businesses to giant multinationals, and include global pharmaceutical companies, technology and financial institutions, advertising and marketing firms, associations, government agencies and educational organizations.

We do more than convert words from one language to another. We translate your message into compelling, culturally relevant communication. Using state-of-the-art technology that “memorizes” your terminology and identifies major replications, we ensure consistency and cost efficiency across all your communications.

We take pride in our excellent, personalized customer service. Just call or email us. You will talk to a “live” person instead of filling out online forms or uploading your files to a website, which can lead to technical difficulties, delays and frustration.

  • Document translation. From small brochures to the thickest of manuals, ALL ABOUT WORDS provides precise document translation to and from all international languages.
  • Website localization. Conquer markets worldwide. Ask us to adapt your website content into copy that is linguistically and culturally appropriate for your target audiences.
  • Multilingual layout. We provide layout services on PC and Mac platforms to support multilingual communications in any media. We can create documents in InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint.
  • Tape transcription. We transcribe in all languages—quickly and accurately.
  • Voice-overs. We do voice-overs in all languages for film, videos, CDs and DVDs.

Expert linguists and writers

All of our translators have degrees in translation, are fluent, native speakers of their languages, and have years of experience. Most are located in their home countries in order to provide cultural accuracy and relevance. Our translators are experts in various professional and business fields of translation, including medical, scientific, high tech, financial, government, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, advertising and sports. But, above all, they’re talented writers and communicators who can render your message into effective communications that truly connect with your audience in all languages.

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