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ALL ABOUT WORDS gets top marks from Canada’s largest medical society

As a national body that oversees training, certification and lifelong education standards for family physicians, the society plays a critical role in maintaining the quality of healthcare in the country. But the society faced challenges with poorly translated medical examinations, as some students were complaining they could not understand the French version of the exams.

In 2009, ALL ABOUT WORDS was retained to translate all CME programs and medical exams. To meet the stringent demands of this assignment, ALL ABOUT WORDS assigned translators who are native French speakers and well-versed in the lexicon of medical sciences. As a standard part of our translation services, we review every translated document to ensure they are accurate, clear and relevant to the target audience.

Today, ALL ABOUT WORDS is a primary provider of translation services to the society, handling a number of large projects each year. The society has, time and again, praised our translation team for its high quality of work, attention to detail and consistency in meeting deadlines.

High praise from our client

“Perfect! Thanks for all the work on your end and meeting our deadlines! Much appreciated.”

“Fantastic! Thanks for your diligence. I enjoy working with you!”

We’re just what the doctor ordered for Apotex

Since it launched its first drug in 1974, Apotex Inc. has grown into the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company, with over 260 products sold in more than 115 countries around the world. As a global company, Apotex needs to communicate with its diverse markets in their local languages. In 2011, ALL ABOUT WORDS became a translation services provider of record for Apotex.

Apotex relied on ALL ABOUT WORDS to translate its communication material into multiple languages, including French for the Quebec market. And the work needed to be done quickly. In one instance, Apotex asked us to translate copy into 24 European languages, within 24 hours. Drawing on our global network of translators, we successfully delivered accurate and culturally relevant translation within a day. This was just one of the many times ALL ABOUT WORDS succeeded in meeting the urgent and often complex translation needs of Apotex.

Big project with a tight deadline? BMO banked on us to deliver

When BMO Bank of Montreal needed more than 40,000 words translated from English to Quebec French within an extremely tight timeline, the creative agency in charge of the project turned to ALL ABOUT WORDS.

Ove Brand l Design was familiar with our large team of experienced French translators, who could be put to work simultaneously on the BMO project. Having multiple translators work on a single project can create inconsistent use of language, but we avoided this problem by applying leading-edge technology that identifies repetitive and previously translated text and ensures consistent translation of these words. The outcome of the project: 40,000-plus words translated proficiently from English to Quebec French and delivered right on deadline.

We were just in time for back-to-school in this Ophea project

The 2013-2014 school year was just a few weeks away when Ophea approached ALL ABOUT WORDS about a large project that needed to be completed before classes started in September. Ophea, a non-profit organization that supports health and learning of children and youth in Ontario, was set to launch its Smoke-Free Ontario pilot program, aimed at students from grades 6 to 11. The content for this program needed to be edited and translated from English to French within a very short time frame.

ALL ABOUT WORDS immediately assigned a copyeditor and several proofreaders and translators to the project. Over the summer, this team of well-trained and seasoned professionals copyedited, translated and reviewed content across all program resources that included lesson plans, ideas for actions, training material, and correspondence with participating schools. To maintain consistency, ALL ABOUT WORDS used state-of-the-art software that “memorizes” terminology and identifies repetitions across all material. Smoke-Free Ontario was ready to go – in English and in French – when the students at participating schools streamed into their classrooms in September.

What Ophea said about ALL ABOUT WORDS

“Wow, that’s quick!”

“We really appreciate all the work the copyeditor put into it! You can tell she was really engaged in the material. Her suggestions were really good and I think made the resource much stronger.”

Children’s Wish gets its wish for a beautifully written website

As it marked three decades of granting wishes to seriously ill children, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada embarked on a rebranding project to strengthen its identity and attract more supporters to its cause. A website redesign and rewrite was a major part of this project. Innovasium Digital, the company hired by Children’s Wish Foundation to revamp its website, asked ALL ABOUT WORDS to join the project as a copywriting partner.

Children’s Wish Foundation needed a writer who could quickly grasp and convey its new brand strategy. The writer also had to be nimble and responsive to Innovasium Digital’s creative process, with the ability to write copy that supported the new design. Having worked before with ALL ABOUT WORDS, Innovasium Digital was confident in its choice of copywriting partner.

From the first to final draft, ALL ABOUT WORDS successfully captured Children’s Wish Foundation’s redefined brand message in copy that set the right tone and complemented the website design.

Our writer’s skills added up to great copy for the new CCH guide

CCH is one of the most recognized brands in accounting and tax preparation software. Wolters Kluwer, the global company behind CCH, decided in 2013 to update its guide for CCH Accountants’ Suite, a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of CCH products. To accomplish this massive undertaking, Wolters Kluwer needed design and copywriting teams that could understand and execute the CCH brand strategy. It chose two companies for the task: GenesisXD, a Toronto design firm, and ALL ABOUT WORDS.

Wolters Kluwer was well acquainted with the copywriting team at ALL ABOUT WORDS. Together with GenesisXD, ALL ABOUT WORDS has been helping Wolters Kluwer communicate the CCH brand to its audiences for more than five years. For this project, ALL ABOUT WORDS chose a writer who had worked on previous CCH Accountants’ Suite guides.

Being intimately familiar with CCH, the writer brought not only copywriting skills to the project but also sharp insight into how the new guide can best convey the CCH brand and its positioning in the market.

Branded editorial delivered value to BMO Harris Bank customers

Chicago-based BMO Harris Bank was launching a new website and wanted to offer its customers added value by providing online advice on day-to-day banking and financial planning. To do this, BMO Harris Bank decided to build a reservoir of editorial-style articles that were consumer-friendly in tone but based on sound research.

As a company with a successful history of writing marketing and editorial copy for financial services firms, ALL ABOUT WORDS was an obvious choice for this project. Our team of writers includes experienced journalists who understand the art and science of writing branded editorial content. For this project, we assigned one writer whom we knew could convey in words the brand personality of BMO Harris Bank, providing content that would be relevant to the bank’s target audience.

In less than a month, our writer researched and wrote more than 16 articles for BMO Harris Bank. Knowing the content was intended for an American audience, our writer ensured that word spellings and usage were all in American English and that scenarios and examples were culturally relevant. BMO Harris Bank was very pleased with the quality of the articles and our ability to produce such a large output within a short period.

Need meeting coverage? We were here, there and everywhere for healthcare agencies

As part of its wide range of expert services, this major healthcare agency provides event management to clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Accurate and timely summaries of these events are critical, which is why they rely on the meeting coverage team at ALL ABOUT WORDS.

We’ve gone everywhere for our clients – all across Canada and to other parts of the world. One service that has been particularly useful is our French-to-English meeting coverage, for which we attend meetings held in French, and then provide summaries in English. We also create summaries from supplied transcripts and videos!

ALL ABOUT WORDS continues to provide meeting coverage services to our client – one of the many companies that count on us to be there at their events and quickly deliver accurate meeting summaries.

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