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Need coverage and reporting for your conference, workshop or meeting?
All About Words delivers—in English and French.

No memory required

ALL ABOUT WORDS provides accurate coverage and reporting for any conference, advisory board, workshop, panel discussion, company meeting, and even conference calls—in English and French. Depending on your needs, we produce detailed post-meeting reports, concise summaries or edited transcripts. Our talented event reporters are available on short notice and have current passports for travel to meetings and conferences outside of Canada.

Post-event reports or meeting minutes can serve many purposes, including:

  • A summary of key points discussed and agreed upon;
  • Due diligence for a project;
  • A legally required record of events;
  • The basis of a newsletter, research report, educational program or other marketing collateral.

Need a medical writer for your event?

ALL ABOUT WORDS has the best healthcare writers to cover your conference, symposium, or advisory board meeting.

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