Our Elevator Pitch

Because content matters

We’re ALL ABOUT WORDS, a full-service company that delivers the entire continuum of content that today’s businesses and organizations need to communicate, inform and persuade.

As an ALL ABOUT WORDS client, you have access to:

  • Our team of highly experienced and vastly talented senior copywriters and editors (no juniors here!)
  • Our sharp-eyed, detail-focused proofreaders
  • Our expert translators and interpreters, highly skilled at turning your words into effective communication—in more than 72 languages
  • Our amazing layout artists who have all fonts in all languages to lay out your programs in any format
  • Our focused and diligent transcriptionists who will transcribe your tapes into any language

To serve you even better, iContent and WordCheck have merged into one full-service company. Now we truly are ALL ABOUT WORDS.

Good to know

ALL ABOUT WORDS is the marriage of two great companies: iContent and WordCheck, both founded more than 20 years ago by Marilyn Sinclair. iContent is a company of writers and editors while WordCheck is in the business of providing translation, interpretation and proofreading services. By merging these two companies into one, we’ve made it easier for you to create amazingly persuasive messages, ensure these messages are accurate and polished, and translate them into the language your audience understands.


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